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Submitted on
July 30, 2013


4 (who?)

Commissions (including animations) are OPEN!!!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 30, 2013, 11:08 AM
Im currently out of a job thanks to my cancer surgery and Im very short of money so I figured I'd open commissions and try and make a few points to convert (all commissions greatly appreciated! please don't be scared to ask for anything, Ill draw pretty much anything other than out and out penetration style porn :3) 

I will draw - any mammals, mythical creatures, anthro/furry, weres, OC's, vore, gore, dark/creepy, pet portraits, band logo's/backdrops, tattoo designs, any fetish related art not including scatt, kids/babies, or anything thats illegal in the uk XD (scroll to the bottom for tattoo designs and band logos) 

* have your draft kriege animated on these lines:… just 20 points!! 
Jack-play-bow-animation by modifiedMONSTER (this is just the preview, click the link to see the animation ^^) 

*order more than one piece of art and get points off the total :3 the more you order, the more comes off! 


*lines - 30 points 
Alice Litter lines commission by modifiedMONSTER

*headshot - 30 points 
PandaTJ commission by modifiedMONSTER

*full body flat colour (with no background) -   50 points 
Lilith PC bi-monthly RNG entry - week 12 by modifiedMONSTER

*full body shaded (no background - 100 points 
CD level obedience title challenge commish by modifiedMONSTER

*full body with simple background - 150 points 
Rala, my new madra pup by modifiedMONSTER 

* full body with detailed background (one character as much detail as you like, extra characters are a further 50 points each)  - 300 points 
Aran and Gotye dancing at the winter festival by modifiedMONSTER TyrannosaurusRexKenn art trade by modifiedMONSTER

*ref sheet/character design with 3 images/poses - 400 points 
Trip's ref sheet (Euphoridae arpg) by modifiedMONSTER Character for auction over on fp by modifiedMONSTER

* oil painting style digital piece with full background - 2000 points 
show off by modifiedMONSTER Mugging for the camera by modifiedMONSTER Kriege tryout by modifiedMONSTER

* title sheets (darpg) - 200 points 
Claret KC musical freestyle title challenges - all by modifiedMONSTER eins KC obedience trials event picture -all levels by modifiedMONSTER

*custom Rumi sonqo dog - 30 points 
Rumi Sonqo breedsheet by modifiedMONSTER female import - SOLD to mixedintentions by modifiedMONSTER

*custom vladhund - 30 points 
Vladhund breed standard by modifiedMONSTER First import for Pine-Star-Kennels by modifiedMONSTER West-Webbs-Kennel  import 2 by modifiedMONSTER

*tattoo design - 200 points  
Kracken by modifiedMONSTER kappa by modifiedMONSTER goldfish japanese flash sheet by modifiedMONSTER rat terrier by modifiedMONSTER amazonian trophy by modifiedMONSTER crown and writing design by modifiedMONSTER russel memoial by modifiedMONSTER (all tattoo designs will be drawn digitally. I do old school, new schol, neo traditional, crossover japanese and black and grey work in chicano styles) 

*band logo's/backdrops - 300 points 
backdrop/band logo by modifiedMONSTER

please note me if you'd like a commission to let me know what you'd like ^^ 

also, if anyone could feature that I'm accepting commissions in their journal that'd be awesome as I'm in dire need of cash thanks to this stupid illness! 

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Moved-Account Aug 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Id like to order a Title Sheet ^^
of my Rifle Dog: 
titles:Wild tracking: WTI (intermediate) WTE (excellent) and the 3rd: Flush Tracking: FTN (novice)
modifiedMONSTER Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
commissions are closed for a short while but will be back open fairly soon, sorry about that! <3
Moved-Account Sep 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
nvm Saw that your taking a break lol sorry bout that well when you do open ill request some different titles ^^
Moved-Account Aug 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
nvm Saw that your taking a break
DEAFHPN Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Vladhund could I get three please? :d 
I like the colors you used for the…, ones ;d 
I like the dark gray brown light the Sable and Chocolate ones 
I would like one of those and a…
darker fur one like the one sitting up ;d 
and for the third you can pick the colors but not the bright golden one ;d thought I do like the stripes on it 

modifiedMONSTER Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
The first link you've put is a list of all the accepted breed colours, so they're the only colours they come in :3 
Could you have another look through and list the colours and markings you'd like them to have? as I'm having trouble working out which colours you're asking for (I've been at the hospital for most of the day and I'm tired and I'm rubbish when I'm tired XD) 
If you look at this journal here:… it explains it all :3 then you can tell me which type you'd like etc etc :3
DEAFHPN Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yup and I was pointing two the two breeds I mentioned ;d I like the colors you used thought you cand
do differen't markings. Do the stripes only come in black I would like it to be white and you can use any white chest marking
that you had on the sheet on that one ;d 

I'd like a Tazzi black one you can add what ever you want on that one, and you have free reign on another ;d 

2.)Tazzi Black white white markings, and a white stripe maybe? Or chest marking
3.) Free reign but no yellow ;d 
modifiedMONSTER Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Did you read through the breed sheet?
If you're using these for a DARPG kennel then they have to have either the white chest, flank stripe or striping marking to be able to compete in conformation. If you're just using them as OC's thought That doesn't matter so much I guess ^^ 

Striping only comes in darker colours but the flank stripe and white chest only come in white. :3

Would you like stalker build or ankle biter build dogs and which gender would you like them to be my lovely? :3 

DEAFHPN Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh did I miss something ;d 
I'm just using them as OCC ;d 
Alright how about a Blaze and White chest marking I didn't read all of that part ;d 

I'd like one of each and then for the random one you can decide ;d I think their both cute hehe
modifiedMONSTER Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
ok, so a sable with no markings, a tazzie black with a blaze and white chest and one of my choice? (just need to make sure Ive got it right ^^)
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